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I had problem with left ball/socket joint in hip.

I’ve had for several month. Painful to run, squat, bend down when doing yoga..

Feel like an old man sometimes.

Suffered with a few month. Hesitated going to physio as ones I’ve seen just give you a rubber band and a out of some vague exercises without a training regime  and tell you to fuck off.. 

I saw a couple of physio’s, thought they ranged from being ‘ok’ to ‘shit’.. actually I did see the one really good one in army when I sprained my ankle, army paid for 1-2 hours of treatment everyday for a month..

Quite likely I just need to see a good pshycio with lodes of experience who specialise in my particular injury..

Maybe its just me, but it seems the phsios I see just give a quick assessment then give you a sheet of paper with some random minor exercises, and tell you to get a stretchy band, and give a vague workout programme.. their answer always seems to be for every problem ‘to strengthen the minor muscles’ ..

I always have to explicitly ask ‘how many sets? How many reps? What days?’ Think they just make up the answers as they go along..

Maybe I need to give more of a chance- maybe this model is a helpful one – but seems to me to be a ‘take this and fuck off’

I did a yoga class in Goa, I complained of my hip.

He said his dad was a physio.

After some research, many Westerers visit him, I heard of good success stories.

I was shown pictures of a girl who’s shoulder posture was corrected in 4-5 session

I met his dad, Prem reckoned he could fix it in 45 mins, just one session.

I had other issues, Achille tendons, and knee pain, but there was no mention of this being fix.  Prem  was concerned with my hip.

I went to the session.

He measured me with a string (actually USB cable.

He claimed my body was wonky.. although it could be possible to skew the string, genuinely when I looked down I could see LEFT? Pic higher than right..

Also whilst lying down, my leg was longer than the other.

He said it was natural to have one leg longer – but it seems the main reason was my hip was not aligned proper

I was not allowed to record the actual treatment – top secret apparently – though have before and after film.

It seemed I` was having a type of facia massage.. different points in my back, around hip, on feet, and legs were pressed reasonably hard..

It felt relaxing. Was pleasant experence

After I stood up.. I definitely felt a bit ‘straighter’ more than placebo effect I think, and the USB cable test, appeared to be reasonable genuine, showed less wonky..


The real test.. was excited to do yoga class and hoping the pain would magically go away.

As I did some leg stretched.. I was disappointed.. I still felt the pain.. it felt slightly less painful, but still sore.. 🙁

Maybe this was just blusshit and I’m imagining the effects.

Or maybe it just takes tie – maybe hip balance is corrected but I have  some kind of inflammation that may take a few days/weeks to heal

I saw Prem the following day – he checked my alinement -and said it was still corrected and hadn’t regressed.

Anyway I fucked off to UK. Collecting Delhi belly bug just before I left, rendering me useless on the the plane – the little girl you see with me carried all our luggage whilst I just crashed out.. 

I was still aware of mild pains when I bent down to tie shoes laces or dropping soap in changing rooms, I kind of though it was ‘ok’ but not as amazing as I hoped

THEN 5 days later – back in UK – running to see a friend..

 (kind of a best friend /girlfriend mutual, I was running as Im always late and .. she gets pissed off.. or actually she doesn’t mostly show it but I feel guilty.. we cuddle and stay the night, and sometimes play with her tits,  but never quite managed  to have sex.. don’t always need to get your dick wet guys .. sometimes a cuddle is all you need, )

I notice the pain in my hip has gone.

Suddenly realised – my hip was aching at all!

And now, 1 month later?

Ache has mostly got, its still there but when from about a level 5 or 6 of pain, down to a 0 or 1.. awhile heels still fucked.. but this is a great start..

What caused injury? No idea – I do have habits of leaning on one side of hip when standing, but I’ve done this for years only last few month had problems

Conclusions? Some issues can be foxed but take time and constant work..

Some issues can be fixed really quickly with a right technique..

There are many ‘healers’ eg Western doctor with pills, and surgery techniques,

Acupuntarists, massage people, various types of physios , people who specalise in posture..

All with their own models of the world, explaining what they see in their own languages..

Is one method ‘right’ or ‘wrong’? A doctor will typical think anything outside western medicine is ‘scientifically unproven’  or assume their model works for the full spectrum of human ailments 

Sometimes simple stuff can work amazing well. I’d like to find more of this.

Its finding the right system/model for the issue.. some models work better for somethings.. sometimes you need the operation, tho sometimes making a lifestyle changes eliminates the issue, eliminating the need to operate..

Prem says hs is the only one that does his technique. There is no-one else in the world. 

But that’s like an artist saying ‘no other artists paints the way I do’

True. But if all you want is a nice painting on your wall..  zillions of artists can fulfil that niche (I’ll paint you a pic- with my willy – willy art)[sell] with good frame – guys I need to make money – don’t judge me (condom on)[I always wear a condom when I paint..] 500 why.. coz not worth me doing for anything less.. film process 1k..

[have feedback of genuine buyers ‘this is really shit. Waste of money’ ‘yeah totally, you silly fucking idiot – you just paid me £1k to make a paining with my dick.. Im laughing my ass off so hard right now..  but seriously.. you help fund this website, really, Im serious. To live western world, and make projects travel, money is really useful. Thanks mate (even if you are a stupid mother fucker, I thank you from the bottom of my —a-ss-s— heart )

‘Really fun thing to do. He is a nice guy’ ‘ Ha, this is not 

It seems Prem studied several things, he mentioned some basic anatomy, guessing he studied a massage to.. also yoga likely given his son is a teacher (and nice teacher with great vibe)

So is there someone like that in UK. Yeah. .. must be – or at least someone with similar models to solve the problem..

What about America? 

I remind myself

Think for your self


Try new things – take intelligent risks

Be open minded

Get off your ass

Heal Thyself Siste


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